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By Steve Daley
NetPros Sr. Project Manager
Hello and thank you for taking a moment to visit NetPros. I respect the fact you are serious about building a sucessful web site and your time is precious so I will get straight to the point. 

I am going to share with you why it is essential to contact NetPros and find out what you must know to create a successful web site.
Read on and find out how NetPros custom tailored design, tactics, personalized value based developement & support makes NetPros
the right choice.
"My web site created by NetPros has added a whole new dimension to my business. My online business has increased by leaps and bounds and I directly attribute this increase to NetPros professional and easy to use web design. We have received numerous customer comments about how our web store inspired confidence in them to shop with us for the first time. " - Dave Fazer, Longlakefoods.com

Your Bottom Line for Success

Ask yourself this important question...

Do I know the 5 key tactics all web sites must employ?
(NetPros Clients do! Read on and you will to!)
The only solution that is going to make your business successful online is a complete, cohesive and deliberate tactical system for delivering results.
Let's face it... Conducting business online is a serious proposition.
The internet is littered with countless web sites big and small that do not meet the objectives the owners set out to accomplish. These unfortunate souls find their pockets emptying at break neck speed. Their online businesses doing nothing more than generating expenses they pay for year after year and have little or nothing to show for it.
Why is this happening? What went wrong?

The answer is amazingly simple... 
Poor Planning!
It takes a clear plan to succeed. 
NetPros has developed successful Web Sites for more than 10 years. We have seen it all through the so called "web 1.0" and today's "web 2.0" technology and tactics. NetPros will custom tailor your online business plan and tactics for maximum ROI. Starting with the 5 key tactics all web sites must employ. Amazingly, the vast majority of web sites out there fail to recognize much less employ all 5 of these tactics correctly.
The 5 key tactics ALL Web Sites must employ:

1.) Getting People to a Website
2.) Keeping People at the Website 

Getting People Back to the Website Once They've Left 
Closing the Deal / Making the Sale

Maintaining a Relationship with Customers & Community 

Contact NetPros today and learn how to employ these key tactics.

What can I expect when contacting NetPros?
Short answer:
  • You will receive friendly, no bull tactical advice from an experienced professional.
  • You will learn how to save thousands of dollars building & operating a successful Web Site.
Long answer:
You will receive personal one on one review of your online business plan. We will assess your project and provide you a detailed quote. We will listen to you. It has been our experience that the foundation of a successful relationship is listening to our Client's closely without assumption. This allows us to clearly understand your objectives. This allows us to start on a sound foundation to intelligently assess your business plan and offer useful advise.

 "Not only was the response prompt, but it was succinct while at the same time completely informative relating to NetPros extensive capability. Their service is far beyond my expectations, and they were able to completely understand my needs through the lost art of listening resulting in a website that is consistent with all of our expectations."  - Norm Talbot,  Talbotassociates.com

$200.00 to $2500.00+ Value!

"Give me 30 minutes of your time and learn what you must know BEFORE you spend a dime building a Web Site." 

You will save anywhere from $200.00 to $2500.00 or more from receiving this level of consultation depending on the size and scope of your project. For a limited time you can receive a one on one consultation at no charge or obligation.
Submit your consultation request by March 15, 2014 and receive valuable web site planning advice. Starting with the 5 key tactics every Web Site must employ. You will receive tactical design & marketing advice specific to your business needs at no charge or obligation. Take advantage of this exclusive limited time offer today!
(I promise you will be very happy you did. We are here to help! - All the best, Steve Daley - NetPros Sr. Project Manager.)
Notice: Your information is guarded with great confidentiality and privacy.

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What People say...
Thank you Steve for all of your help and patience. 6 years ago when I was new to operating my own I.T. business you made it a lot easier for me. Your team always comes through for us no matter how tough something might be to get done on time. When I think of all the potential nightmare situations you helped me avoid over the years I get chills. Your expertise has made all the difference. I find myself always going back and using the wealth of information and advice you provide me. Once again, thank you for seeing me through and helping me. Our Client list continues to grow every month! Your business is first class all the way.
Julia F.
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